Primary Casualty - E&S

U.S. Insurance Products


Our Primary Casualty - E&S team brings significant expertise and deep-seated relationships with select appointed wholesale brokers. We offer meaningful in-house capacity, a consistent underwriting approach, timely and efficient turnaround, and a seasoned claims team.

Target Clients

  • Hospitality – Bars, Taverns, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Hotel/Motels, Casinos and Resorts (including liquor and A&B exposures)
  • Manufacturers & Distributors – Consumer and industrial products
  • Construction
    • Large Wraps, Project-Specific, and Owners’ Interest
    • General Contractors and Developers will be considered for Commercial Building Construction, Infrastructure and Residential (Commercial-grade)
  • Real Estate – Commercial and residential
  • Mercantile – Mid-to-large retail and wholesale operations including department stores, supermarket chains, etc.


  • Dedicated wholesale distribution through select appointed brokers



  • $1M per occurrence/$2M general aggregate/$2M products aggregate for most risks
  • Higher limits available on select products and construction risks

Minimum Premium

  • Minimum policy premiums start at $50,000 and vary by class of business or territory

Policy Forms

  • Latest ISO Commercial General Liability Forms
  • Occurrence or Claims-Made Basis
  • Manuscript endorsements tailored to address specific needs and company-specific forms

Underwriting Highlights

  • Non-admitted A (XV) rated paper
  • In-house claims service with dedicated claims representatives
  • Deductibles up to $25,000 available
  • SIR’s of $25,000 and up


Richard Aldorisio
EVP, Primary Casualty Insurance
Tel. +1 212 209 6544

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